Les fleurs du bien, an art project during quarantine times

As most people, I have found myself with some time in my hands due to the imposed or self-imposed quarantine this year. Some people have decided to do sourdough bread, others have preferred to rest and do nothing, and I have decided to partake in some personal projects to fill in my hours at home.

Besides posting in another blog the colonial paintings I complied for my undergraduate dissertation, I have created a project based on my linocut prints called lesfleursdubien, working on some principles of sustainability, working with materials that I already had at and using them to the best of the material’s limitations.

Les fleurs du bien

The flowers of good use half-used paper meant for recycling to do oil painting linocut prints. In some cases, the print would be done on top of the used side, and in other cases, on the blank side of it.

The paper used for the prints range from old poems, paper used for drawings that were never finished, sticker paper, and test paper from Cass Art, that was left behind and deemed unusable, among others.

The illustration was designed and carved by me, and it is part of my series of plants that I have been creating little by little. The ink is oil based paint from Cranfield, made in the UK.

In the Instagram page created for this project, you are able to see both sides of the piece of paper in which the print was made, so you are aware of how both sides of the print look like.

Forty-two different pieces of paper were used in this occasion, and every print is unique, having its own flaws and particularities. They have all been numbered, and can be easily identified.

The aim of distributing the prints is to create an interactive artistic intervention during the quarantine. If you are interested in participating, please continue reading.

Rules for les fleurs du bien

This project, more than for monetary gain, is to experiment on how far this prints can go around the world, and to bring some happiness and surprise to those that are staying home:

  1. I am requesting the equivalent of €5 (unfortunately some exceptions on countries to deliver may apply), to cover the expenses of sending the print to your address. This will cover delivery, envelope, and materials.
  2. You can pay the print via PayPal. Other ways to pay can be provided if based in the UK. You would receive a visual confirmation before the print is sent.
  3. These are the prints that I am sending, so you know what you may or may not get. You will not be able to pick which print you will receive. This will be chosen at random. This is not negotiable and is part of the fun!
  4. Only forty-two people can participate, for which this will be a first come, first served basis.
  5. Once the print is received (please let us know once you do), you will receive a small survey regarding sustainable practices and about participating in this art project.

What is the aim of this project?

This is half-fun and half-research. Not only I am aiming at sharing my prints and getting to brighten some people’s lives, but I am trying to understand and apply sustainable practices with this project. With your help, you can be part of a small project that will inform some thoughts that I have about the future of art. This sounds interesting, no?

If you want to take part, please contact me via Twitter or Instagram.

Let’s share some happiness during this quarantine time!

Author: laverias

...is an anthropologist interested in art history, Latin American art, and sustainable practices. You will find her trying to pick up some free furniture from the street and re-purposing old fabric. Spanglish speaker.

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