How can I do an art exhibition? – key questions and concerns

  1. What: Asses your portfolio – is there enough material? Do you need to create more? Will it be a group or a solo exhibition?
  2. Where: local coffee places, pubs and community houses are good alternatives to galleries and studio rentals. Consider if you are willing to rent a space or come up with an agreement with the people allowing you to use their locale.
  3. How: map the space of the exhibition space, decide where to put what; do you need tools or frame your pieces?
  4. When: calculate time you will need and the transport to move your art pieces (impressively necessary in London).
  5.  Who: Contact for press releases, on a websites for events in your city, make online events and invite people. Give yourself enough time to publitice it.
  6. Then: you might want to offer a pricing list. Consider if you will offer drinks or sell them, and if you will give out your cards with your webpage and artist information?

These are some of the questions that I will been asking myself when trying to exhibit my own illustrations in London. I will describe some of the pointers I have found after doing some research online in the next few weeks.


  • This is what I have gathered so far on the where to do an exhibition in London. For links and useful information on locations, please follow this link.
  • I have been gathering and buying frames forthe art works. For the options I have seen, please follow this link.

Author: laverias an anthropologist interested in art history, Latin American art, and sustainable practices. You will find her trying to pick up some free furniture from the street and re-purposing old fabric. Spanglish speaker.

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